ellie jean turns three under the sea, part 2

Oh, Little Mermaid party.  How I loved making you happen.  My sister in law, was Andrina, Ariel's sister, in the stage production of the Little Mermaid.  Thankfully, she ended her tour right near our home town and Ellie got to go to the opening dress rehearsal all dressed up in here Ariel finery.  Pretty much since that moment, Ellie has been in love with mermaids.  Especially Ariel, and Auntie Kristine.  She waited a good long time for this party! 

Henry appeased his sister, dressing up as Prince Eric, for just long enough to snap a few shot. Thanks for playing along H!

wishingyouhappinessmermaid (3 of 42).jpg

Then the guest of honor made her grand appearance! Ellie, got to have a sweet moment with just her and Ariel before the rest of the party discovered she arrived!

wishingyouhappinessmermaid (8 of 42).jpg

I can not say enough about Ariel.  She was amazing!

She enchanted every child (and adult) there, and was such a pleasure to have at the event!  I am told she hangs out at Happily Ever After Princess Parties, should you be looking for that special princess magic at your own party!

Princess story time, light makeup, and nautical inspired face painting! What more could you ask for?

The ladies then boarded their boat and a trip floating through a blue lagoon.

wishingyouhappinessmermaid (19 of 42).jpg

All princesses must learn how to curtsy and wave to all their adoring fans!

Ariel, even had a special crown for the birthday girl.  The perfect way to top off her special under the sea adventure!

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate!  As much fun as it is to put these parties together, the fun really lies in being able to share the event surrounded by our closest friends and loved ones. You really made our Elliott Jean feel special!  And again, thank you Happily Ever After Princess Parties for making her birthday an event she will never forget!

For those who attended and would like to see more, please let me know and I'll send you a link to the whole gallery.